Families Change Kids Guide to Separation & Divorce

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Neel: Do you want to find out more about separation and divorce? Or do you need some extra help dealing with your parents deciding to live apart? Here are some ideas...

There are lots of people around you who can help you deal with your parents’ separation.

Sometimes, just talking to a friend can help a lot, especially if his or her parents have also split up.

You can also talk to an adult you trust, like:

  • A relative (an aunt or uncle, or your grandmother or grandfather).
  • Your teacher.
  • Your school counsellor.
  • Someone at your place of worship.
  • Your family doctor.

These people can help by:

  • Just listening.
  • Suggesting things you can do to make things better.
  • Giving you the names of other people who can help.

Here is a number you can call if you need some help.